Building future-fit and sustainable organisations

We design and build successful future organisations by connecting global trends with local heritage and ambition, making each future organisation unique.

Through conscious and co-creative business transformation, we reform business models, structures, leadership, cultures and ways of working to build organisational capabilities needed to ensure future success. 

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The characteristics of future organisations

“Superior customer value, operational excellence and employee experience is created in networked, empowered ecosystems where organisations are living organisms working towards a common goal"


Based on a shared vision of and ambition for the future, we help our customers in analysing, designing and implementing organisational capabilities critical for future success and sustainability


How do we create work with a purpose? What is the real business impact of shared purpose and values?

Purpose is the glue that connects organisational ambitions with the individual need for sense of belonging. Establishing shared values and purpose is not a random occurrence, it is a consequence of conscious development.

Strategies drive leaders, purpose drives people


How do we transform an idea into an innovation? How do we engage our ecosystem in open innovation and how does this affect our idea culture and innovation leadership?

The innovation capability of an organisation is its ability to transform individual ideas into a relevant and desired services or products, creating new opportunities and sustainable business. Joined together, all the components of this capability form the ecosystem's innovation architecture, which is a critical focal point of development.

Creativity resides in people, innovation capability in ecosystems


Does our business model create unique customer value and experience? How are we engaging our customers in co-creation of future value?

In order to ensure unique and evolving customer value, we need to build shared values and processes for customer intimacy, customer-centric value chains for service delivery and an active dialogue with the customer for real and relevant insight.

Customer expectations are global, customer experiences are local.


How do we gather weak signals and how do we handle complexity? What is the future role of strategy and how do we keep it agile and relevant?

An active futuring network engages the ecosystem in gathering and discerning strategic signals into comprehensible strategic inputs. Constant strategizing translates emerging trends and patterns into proactive strategic awareness supported by a relevant and living strategy.


A strategy is important, constant strategizing is critical


How do we create autonomy and empowerment within the boundaries of a shared vision? How do we need to change our leadership and culture to enable autonomy?

In a future networked ecosystem, autonomous cross-functional teams and individuals are driven by commitment to shared ambitions and values while governed by mutual trust and co-created ways of working. This empowerment generates customer experience, agility, efficiency, motivation and overall well-being.

You need to let go to gain control


What key components determine our transformation capabilities? How do we drive adaptability and resilience into ourselves and our ecosystem?

One of the key success factors for any future organisation is their ability to transform. Whenever change is brought on by an external force, how can the change be predicted, how is the impact received and what is the capability to bounce back. Developing adaptability and resilience is key in ensuring continuity.


Agility is a mindset, transformation a lifestyle


Quick fixes

to current needs

In addition to our larger transformation programs aimed at designing and building future-fit organisations, we provide our customers with agile concepts to diagnose and solve current and small-scale issues in the every-day life of organisations. Such concepts are:

COVID-19: Lessons learned

Corona rocked our world. In all its negativity, it had many side-effects, some visible already and some only emerging. But, in many organisations it also brought about positive changes.


As our customers gradually return to a new normal, we help them understand what did actually change during Corona, which of the changes made should they retain and in which cases should they revert back to a hybrid between the old and the new.

Making the matrix work

On paper, the organisational hierarchy with its cross-functional teams and internal networks live and work in perfect harmony. The reality of life within the matrix is many times something totally different.


We help our customers in finding the most important pain points and solutions to questions like: How do our employees actually work autonomously and in their teams? What is the real relation between the hierarchy and the matrix, and how does it work?

The Leadership Clinic

When functional and fit-for-purpose, leadership drives the business while energizing its stakeholders. When not, it becomes a liability and business risks.


With our ‘mirroring service’ we help our customers assess and understand the current state of leadership and kick-start successful and relevant development initiatives seamlessly from top-level management teams to real-life team leaders.


The Renesans way

Every future organisation is unique in its ambition, context and capabilities. We design and build future-fit and sustainable organisations and their critical future capabilities (CFSs) through our concept of conscious and co-creative business transformation.

Consciousness challenges us to understand and respect organisational heritage, dynamics and capacity to change when designing and driving the transformation.

Co-creativeness challenges us to actively and transparently engage as much as possible of the customer’s organisation and ecosystem in all phases of transformation.

In our approach of conscious and co-creative business transformation, we tailor each project to include a selection of the following stages and their activities:

  • Clarify the purpose of change

  • Envision the future, its trends and their impact

  • Design the future organisation and its critical capabilities

  • Understand the current state vis-á-vis the future

  • Catalyse transformation and build capabilities

  • Measure progress

About us

"Future organisations aren't built without change."

Founded in 2014, we are a team of very experienced and insightful architects and builders of future organisations. We have gathered our formidable all-round experience and in-depth industry expertise in senior management positions in large international corporations and in our versatile roles as executive and in-sourced consultants in hundreds of strategic business development projects all over the globe.


Summarizing our CV’s, we have more than 100 years and 400 projects worth of strategic business transformation expertise. And, if this is not enough, we willingly complement our shortcomings through our global network of associated professionals, ensuring that we at all times are able to provide the optimal and most competent team to meet our customer’s business transformation needs.


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