Our team

Perttu Salovaara

Autonomy and flat organisations

+358 40 718 7000 

Arja Julin-Nurmi

Business remodeling and transformations

+358 40 552 9699 

Olli-Pekka Ihalainen

Improvement of leadership and productive interaction. Analyzing and solving dysfunctions in leadership and co-operation. Development of work community skills

Niclas Lindgren

CEO, customer centricity and innovation in ecosystems

+358 40 900 0480 

Mari Tähjä

Foresight specialist & strategist.
People and competence development

+358 50 567 1077 

Antti Kauppi

Organizational psychologist, diagnostics of leadership
Teamwork and co-working on organizational level
Organizational failure situations and crises
Professional understanding and development of individuals and organizations

Minna Tuominen

Communications and marketing

+358 41 313 9019 

Alf Rehn

Professor, Leadership and innovation

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